School Transitions

We have also created a powerpoint information sheet which briefly describes the EYFS and how it relates to your child's transition to school. If you would like to view this please click here.

Your child's transition to school can be an emotional, though exciting time and we do our best to support both you and your child with this. Once you know which school your child will be attending we endeavor to make contact with them and encourage their class teacher to come out and visit us and the children.This is so that they can meet and see the child in their current environment as well as share information that they may find useful. If your child's transition is likely to be particularly difficult, or if they may need support in some areas we will produce a transitional plan and depending on the level of need, initiate a transitional meeting with yourself, the school and any other relevant professionals to discuss how your child may need to be supported.

We have particularly strong links with Kingsham School and are currently taking small groups of children due to start school in September to visit the Reception Class on different days every other week to help children gain an understanding of what school may be like for them. We do a range of different activities planned by the Reception Teacher, Mrs Gallimore, for example we have done a movement lesson around Jack and the Beanstalk, Letters and Sounds, mathematical activities, exploring the world through activities involving eggs and participating in snack & storytime. All the children are benefiting from this, regardless of which school they may be going to attend, and we usually extend what they have done within the setting over the following weeks.

If you are concerned about which school you may like your child to attend, or if you have any concerns regarding your child's transition to school please speak to Liz, Claire or your child's Key Person and we will help in any way that we can.