Child Protection:

As a childcare provider, our duty is first and foremost to the children in our care. As part of this, we monitor all children and keep records of anything that may concern us. We then have to make the decision whether to report these concerns, for which we may ask advice from the Children's Access Point. We fully appreciate that this can be very upsetting for parent's, particularly if the concerns turn out to be unfounded, however we hope that you understand that it is only done in the interests of the safety of the children. It is not a decision that we take lightly, but unfortunately it is one that we must sometimes make. If you would like to find out more information about our child protection responsibilities please speak to us or visit this website which also gives you information about what to do if you yourself are concerned that a child is being abused.

WSCC Safeguarding letter to parents:
This is a letter provided by WSCC explaining that it is our responsibility to report any child protection concerns that we may have to our Local Safeguarding CHildren's Board in to protect children from harm.