Comments from children....


"I like to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I like reading children's books!'

"She likes playing in the garden and learning 'new moves'. Her two favourite things to do are drawing and jumping"

"I am going to miss everybody and everyone that isn't going to my big school. I will miss the climbing frame and the bunnys and I hope we have story time at school because I like the stories at Busy Lizzie's and I don't want to leave!"

"I'm going to miss everyone a lot but I'm still going to get to visit occasionally!'

"I like Busy Lizzie's because it is my favourite and I like the bikes that are here and the climbing frame and all the painting I do"

"I love playing with my friends"



‘I love my nursery and have lots of friends. When I’m an adult I’m going to work at nursery!’ 

‘I like cuddles and story time. I think I will stay with Liz as I don’t want to go to school so tell her that tomorrow!’ 

‘I like going on the slide and playing with the water and going to the vet with the rabbit’ 


'I don't want to leave Lizzie Busy's, but I do love playing with the trains'

'I like everybody, the toys, playing outside on the slide and my friends. Everything's so special, I will miss my nursery'

'I have learned lots of things at nursery, to always have a drink in hot weather and 'don't talk when you're eating' which I like to remind the whole family about, my favourite thing at nursery has been playing in the garden with my friends'

'I like playing in the garden because there is lots of lovely pink flowers'


'I love lots of toys there and I love it! I love outside and I love pictures, I like the big blue slide because it is so big, I can climb up a big huge ladder. The scooters are fun because I can go so fast. I like the home corner because I play in there and get to iron the board. I like everyone because they are kind and they help me.'

'I like to come to nursery, I like having lunch with my friends and playing outside, on the seesaw'

'I like feeding Hattie and Winnie, we get to stroke them'

'Nursery is really fun, I love all my teachers. Snack is nice too!'

"I like playing with my friends, I like being outside, I like when we dance"

"I love playing football at nursery!"



'I really like playing on the seesaw and playing outside. I like the scooter! It has been exciting being at Busy Lizzie's. I like cooking at nursery. I will miss everything! - Ben

'She loves the garden, nature (butterflies), painting and really every aspect of coming here :)'



Comments from parents....


"Mia's time at the nursery has been an absolute pleasure for her. She has come on leaps and bounds and exceeded our expectations!"

"Mia has really flourished and grown in confidence. She has gained confidence to grow relationships with other children where before she would prefer to be alone"

"The staff are amazing and have made quite the impression on Frankie"

"She has always enjoyed going and has made lots of friends. I believe she has grown into a confident little girl because of the time she has spent at the setting and will be able to transition well into school. Thank you for all your help and for taking such great care of Elena all these years."

"Lily has become her own little lady with a big personality whilst attending Busy Lizzie's. She has loved her time there very much and has made some good friendships which will continue on to her new school. I couldn't have asked for anything more from Liz and her amazing staff, they really bring out the kids confidence and characteristics". 

"From the very first day of Albie starting at Busy Lizzie's I have always felt that he has been provided with the love, care and attention that he would receive at home. His knowledge since starting is incredible and he talks of his teachers with so much affection. I am genuinely gutted that Albie's time here has come to an end and hope his school are as brilliant as you!"

"Indy's interest in artistic pursuits has been cultivated by the arts and crafts done with you. Thanks to all staff for their time and support in guiding Indy through these important years, we really appreciate all you have done for her!"

"What I can say about Busy Lizzie's is that it has always been warm and welcoming. The staff have always been polite and helpful and there has been so much flexibility and for a working parent this has helped so much"

"It has been a really lovely start for him and we hope that he will start school as happy and as confident as he is leaving Busy Lizzie's"

"Iris surprises me all the time with new and creative things. Busy Lizzie's have always met Iris' needed and done their best to keep her safe and out of harm. Staff are very approachable and I have never felt that I couldn't express my concerns as a parent"

"Thank you for all your support to Scarlett and I through the difficult challenged we faced over these recent months. You will be missed!"

"I am glad we found such a lovely home from home nursery, she is always happy to come, talking about who she is going to see. I have loved all the art work we receive (I keep it all in a box) and I love hearing from her every evening about her day. Thank you all so much, keep up the brilliant job you all do"

"Laci-Leigh has become a smart, funny caring little girl who is growing so fast. She has made great friends and learnt a lot - from maths, to writing and her speech is great too!"



‘Freddie has really bloomed and come out of his shell, he loves helping out with things and is a lot more confident in everything he does. He is really going to miss every adult and child at Busy Lizzie’s and we will miss all the happy faces that work there’

‘He has developed some great friendships and he is very ready for big school’

‘I’m really happy with how our child has progressed and how much he has come out of himself at Busy Lizzie’s. Every day he comes home and tells me how much fun he has had that day.’

‘We are extremely happy with all the care and support Harry has had at Busy Lizzie’s. Special thanks to Liz for all her efforts and help with pushing through on his CDC and EYPARM and getting his EHC plan in place for school’

‘Theo is always bringing home paintings or cooking, can tell he’s been a busy boy! It’s lovely to see the photos of him on Facebook so I get an insight into his day’

‘I will start by saying THANK YOU! As a parent it makes me so happy to have had all my children attend your setting over the years. You provide a warm, welcoming, safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. Your staff are wonderful and caring. The way you provide a child centered approach towards educating young children, you even managed to nurture the potential we all knew Jack had in the end! I hope you realise just how much I appreciate all your hard work and dedication not only to my child but to each and everyone you welcome through your door.’

‘Hollie has made good progress in all areas, having a small setting and 1:1 has benefitted her as well as working together with Speech Therapy, Portage and the Sensory Support Team’

‘Your staff are a huge credit to you Liz and I am very grateful that when I leave my boys at the door I am confident that they will be well cared for’


'Busy Lizzie's has done wonders with my son Freddie, he has turned and grown into such a wonderful little boy. Very very pleased with the relationship he has with Emily and the rest of the staff to be honest! Would very much recommend this nursery'

'Where can I start, Busy Lizzie's have been an amazing asset to Dakota's learning, pushing her that little bit further all the time and for this she has thrived on her time here. Her keyworker, Claire, has been a valuable part of the progress and we wish to thank her for her efforts. Liz has had a strong team of staff to help with Dakota's needs or worries or anything she may need help in. I think Busy Lizzie's have made Dakota feel comfortable and needed and individual since she first started which has made her into the person she is today. Thank you, you should be proud, I know I am.'

'Jasper has had a brilliant time since he started at Busy Lizzie's. Busy Lizzie's is a laid back, gentle and nurturing nursery. Independence is gently encouraged and each child is treated as an individual. The staff are so competent and lovely with a real connection with the children, nothing fazes them. I have nothing but good things to say about the nursery, Liz and the rest of the staff and I will miss you almost as much as Jasper will.'

'He has had a truly amazing journey and time at Busy Lizzie's. He has grown into a very confident and sociable boy. Thank you all at Busy Lizzie's and a very special thank you to Sammie'

'First of all, we are so glad we chose Busy Lizzie's! When Brandon first started he was non verbal and in his own world but with the help and support from Liz and Claire we have watched him flourish. Claire has supported me when I have struggled with Brandon's challenging behaviour, giving me tips and advice. I can't fault the nursery in any way, all the staff are very friendly and welcoming and I always enjoy chatting to them. The setting is excellent with great toys and an amazing garden' - Parent of an SEN child

'Ella started feeling shy and unsettled and I'm so proud and happy to see the change in her since her time at Busy Lizzie's, she is now a confident child who has no worries and has come so far. Am a happy and proud Mummy!'

'I am overwhelmed with how far Stanley has come along since being at Busy Lizzie's. He could not really speak and now does not stop. He has made the best of friends with the children and the most loving relationships with the staff. Thank you!'

'When I have my meetings with Liz, she always says how proud I should be. I don't think I should be taking all the credit as being a single mum is hard. With the help of Busy Lizzie's and of course his mummy, he has become the lad he is today!'

'Ed has had a great time at Busy Lizzie's. Sometimes he is upset when I take him home as he wants to stay longer. He is much more independent since attending Busy Lizzie's and he will miss going to nursery'

;I am super happy about Tyler's overall time at Busy Lizzie's. I feel you have helped loads in his development through the years. He has grown into a really confident lad and that's thanks to you guys'.

'Kaylem started nursery and could hardly talk, count numbers or write but now he can do all those things and much more, he always wants to learn new things everyday. I am very proud of him and the nursery.'


'I am so glad that we chose Busy Lizzie's for the nursery for Evelyn to attend. She has flourished there and built some amazing relationships, especially Freya. I love that there is always different activities for them to do e.g. mini pizzas, veg cocktails, planting seeds, ceramic tiles. Thank you so much for taking such great care of our little girl'

'After the initial separation from mum issues, he settled in well and began to thrive. He benefited greatly from the change of scene, different toys and the input from the staff. His speech has come a long way, he has formed good relationships with other children and his confidence has grown immensely' 

''Through the guidance, care and encouragement of the staff at Busy Lizzie's, Archie has grown to be a happy, contented little boy. He is socially more aware, has developed a caring manner and explores the world with confidence. We have seen this change and have watched him grow with your nursery. Thank you for your frank assessments and clear guidance. Archie is prepared now to enter primary school - and so are we!'

'Within his time at the nursery he has learnt a wealth of information about a number of topics. By engaging Henry with gadgets, stories and play he has learn more than we could have imagined. The termly reviews have also been useful to look at how to extend Henry at home and nursery. We have been delighted with the care and attention he has received at Busy Lizzie's and want to thank all members of staff for their dedication'. 


'We would like to say thank you for the fantastic Nursery experience and start to his education that you have given Ben. You helped him settle so well when he first started and your report sums up how well you now know him. This last year especially he has really blossomed and loves attending Nursery. We are very sad that his time with you has come to an end'

'Tayla has loved coming to Busy Lizzie's. I've never had a problem getting her to nursery and she always asks if it is a nursery day. Tayla has built up an amazing relationship with all staff here, especially with her Key Worker Claire. From a parental view, both Liz & Claire have been extremely supportive during some very difficult family times and I will never be able to express enough thanks for this. Busy Lizzie's is an amazing nursery with amazing staff.'

'It is a credit to Liz and her team as to how independent and confident Dylan has become outside his family environment. The links between Busy Lizzie's and Kingsham have been amazing. I'm sure without the visits, Dylan would not be so positive about moving on to Kingsham school. Dylan has enjoyed every single day, when he did have difficulty settling due to family circumstances, Liz and her team were very supportive and caring. Thank you, we will all miss you :( - Gemma, Rich and Dylan Millyard

'Emilia had a rocky first term starting nursery - she was extremely upset at the separation from us and this required a lot of support and strategies to be put in place. At this time it was a worry for us but we were completely reassured by Liz who immediately chose to become Emilia's keyworker so she could manage and support her emotional needs. Liz kept us informed at every step and we were very grateful for her updates and time she spent helping Emilia to recognise that nursery was a place to enjoy, not to fear!' - Claire Chapman